Creating Erasmus+ agreements, a simple procedure!

The creation of an Erasmus+ agreement presupposes that student and/or teacher mobility is envisaged and that the flows generated are as balanced as possible.

When a lecturer-researcher from our university who has established contacts with colleagues from a university participating in the Erasmus+ programme wishes to have an Erasmus+ agreement signed with them, he/she must first of all obtain the agreement of the management of his/her department and UFR. Indeed, an Erasmus+ agreement is a contract binding on the University, and it is essential to ensure first and foremost that the department concerned is able to accommodate the mobility generated by the agreement.

Similarly, the relevance of the agreement must have been assessed by the management bodies of the department and the FRU concerned.
(If the professor-researcher who wishes to establish the agreement is not the Erasmus+ coordinator for his/her department, he/she must inform the department of his/her willingness to do so).

You will find here the names of the Erasmus+ Coordinators. Here you can find the COD Erasmus+ contact with whom you can discuss your project, as well as the contacts of our Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinators (CODIE+).


Summary of the elements to be taken into account in creating an Erasmus+ agreement

  • Define with your business partner the flows that will be expected
  • If student mobility is planned, make sure that course syllabuses and university calendars are compatible
  • Ask your partner for their Erasmus+ Fact Sheet in order to facilitate the drafting of the agreement
  • Identify the Departmental Coordinator which will be indicated on the agreement for your department
  • Obtain the agreement (a simple return e-mail is enough) from the Management of the UFR and the Department to which the agreement will be attached
  • Contact the Erasmus+ Programme Institutional Monitoring Officer to ensure that the project is valid, he/she will be able to liaise with your partner
  • Make sure that the International Relations Department of the partner institution is informed of your project, this will speed up the signature process

Please note: The deadlines for signing and implementing Erasmus+ agreements must be taken into account before being promoted to students.


In the case of a renewal:

Agreement renewals are subject to verification by DRIF of the principle of reciprocity between partners.

Last updated : 12/12/2023