The Dramaturgical Experimentation Laboratories

These laboratories are based on the principle that writing for puppets or marionettes must be tested by the instruments for which it was conceived: glove puppets, rod puppets, string puppets, shadows, performing objects, etc. This is why commissions are given to puppeteers for times of dramaturgical experimentation (the "Labos") based on textual resources referenced in the PuppetPlays database. These "Labs" lead to the production of audio-visual resources (maximum of about ten minutes each) intended for the PuppetPlays digital platform and allowing a better understanding of how texts for puppets have been, can be or could be performed and staged.

The 'Dramaturgical Experimentation Labs' are under the scientific responsibility of PuppetPlays.

The professional puppeteers involved in these experiments and in the creation of these vignettes :

    - have access to textual and documentary resources gathered by Didier Plassard and his team (see the list of resources referenced by the PuppetPlays team and regularly updated on the website:;

   -  choose, in agreement with the PuppetPlays team, the resources they wish to work on;

    - benefit from the scientific support of the PuppetPlays team and will be accompanied by one of the team members;

    - prepare, with the help of students (from Paul Valéry University or not) or with young artists in training, the staging of short scenes from the selected texts;

    - these scenes are filmed, edited and published by the PuppetPlays team (assisted by students if necessary) on the PuppetPlays digital platform.


Each puppeteer or company interested must provide, after prior discussion with the PuppetPlays team:

  • A note of intention motivating their choice of texts and puppets or performing objects (which repertoire? which period ? which author ? which genre ? which style, ? which geographical area ? in which language. ..), and explaining their working protocol and hypothesis;
  • A precise work schedule (number of working days, dates…);
  • A short presentation of the puppeteer (s) / the company / technical collaborator(s) and students (or young artists) involved in the project;
  • Specific technical needs (working space at the Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 or not ; puppets ; particular devices or materials…);
  • A budget / a quote including remunerations, travel expenses, construction costs, etc.


Requests for prior information should be sent by e-mail to the following addresses:


    Prof. Dr. Didier Plassard (Scientific Director):

    Dr. Carole Guidicelli (Research Engineer):

Last updated : 06/04/2022