Drammaturgia della figura: il repertorio d'autore.

Drammaturgia della figura: il repertorio d'autore.

On February 23rd, at 6:00 pm, we presented our online meeting dedicated to the contemporary Italian production of texts for puppet stage. It was a round-table discussion with three exceptional authors: Beatrice Baruffini, Gigio Brunello and Marta Cuscunà.

Beatrice Baruffini is an Italian stage director of object theatre shows and a playwright for young audiences. She trained as an actress at the Teatro delle Briciole in Parma. Influenced by Claudia Dias and Gyula Molnàr with whom she has trained in recent years, she has started a personal poetic path, where objects and stage composition in real time are at the center of her research.

Gigio Brunello is a pillar of the dramatic production for the contemporary Italian puppet stage. Since 1978, he has been a playwright, actor, puppeteer and experimenter of new possibilities for the castelet. Over the years he has presented the public with original plays and elaborate adaptations of classics. The most significant plays of his production have recently been published in the volume Tragedie e commedie per tavoli e baracche, perhaps constituting a repertoire that other puppeteers will be able to repeat.

Marta Cuscunà is an Italian puppeteer, actress and author of committed shows that address the theme of feminism based on real facts. In her “experimental” work, she uses new techniques of puppet animation, always in relation with the dramatic writing: the text is written in contact with the scenic object, which in turn accepts the requirements of the writing. In 2019, the volume Resistenze femminili brings together the plays of three of her shows.

Through a dialog with these authors, we will explore different techniques of playwriting applied to the creation of shows with figures. 


Last updated : 08/04/2021